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Ondo Assembly Suspends Female Lawmaker Over Fetish Objects

AKURE, SW NIGERIA - A former commissioner in Ondo State, Ogunbadejo Kolawole, has raised alarm following alleged discovery of fetish objects in the apartment of the State House of Assembly member, Hon. Fola Olasehinde. 

Ogunbadejo said the twin-duplex at No. 6, Olasehinde Lane, Ijapo Estate, Akure, was occupied by Olasehinde since 2009. 

Fetish objects allegedly found included amulets, snail shells, live snails, cow horns of different sizes wrapped in coloured cloth, miniature coffins, photo images of humans and animals, concoctions in black clay pots as well as bottles and cans containing all manner of liquids. Others were charms in bottles labeled: Rasu, Aso Eegun, Eegun Ekun, Iye Agbe, Aluko, Irun ori omo tuntun (hair of a new born baby) and odidi osio. There were other bottles labelled Gbetugbetu, Ajatuka etc.

Some personal effects of the female lawmaker including House of Assembly vehicle plate number, campaign posters and hand bills were also said found in the apartment. 

But Olasehinde, who represents Ose State Constituency, denied any knowledge of the fetish items, saying she had moved all her belongings to a new accommodation at GRA, Alagbaka, Akure, since October, 2012. According to her, she gave the keys to her personal assistant for another co-tenant because the two duplexes share the same water system, adding that she expected the co-tenant to hand over the keys to the landlord.

The landlord had issued Hon. Olasehinde a quit notice last year, demanding that she vacate the apartment by October, 2012. 

Ogunbadejo, said he went to court to get an injunction to force all the doors to the residence open since the lawmaker refused to quit or pay her rent. He said he was therefore surprised to find stinking and bizarre fetish items in all the rooms in the house. The landlord claimed that no one had access to the apartment since it was locked by the lawmaker who refused to hand over the keys. 

Ogunbadejo said: “She happened to be from Idogun in Ose Local Government Area. She approached me asking for accommodation and I wanted to help because I know members of her family. The elder brother was my teacher at the Grade II Teachers Training College in 1961 and 1962. “I gave her the accommodation in 2009. From then to 2012, she was my tenant. Aside this, she paid rent in the first year, but did not pay in the second year. Slater, she paid in two installments, claiming her husband was sick. Aside the first year, she never paid rents even when they were due, which led to disagreements between us. 

“After appealing to her to pay the agreed sum of N850, 000, she then issued a cheque for N700, 000. I then asked for the outstanding N150, 000 but she said the roof in one of the rooms was leaking, claiming she invited a contractor to cost and fix the problem. “I told her that I am living in Akure and since she is my tenant, it is my responsibility to fix the leaking roof. If you had told me, within 24 hours, I would have invited somebody to fix the problem. She said “I do not want anybody to enter my room. 

“I then instructed my lawyer to write and demand for the rent or I would eject her from the house. I told my lawyer to demand for N120, 000 from her and that she should use N30, 000 to carry out repairs on the alleged leaking roof. If I were to repair it, I would have used only one roofing sheet. 

The landlord added: “After a lot of pressure, she paid up and I then gave her an eleven-month eviction notice. Before the expiration, the state government had offered her an accommodation. But on moving out, she locked the gate into the main building. “We then went to court and the Magistrate asked her to appear but she did not come. Based on this, the court gave ruled that she should pay rent arrears of N498, 033, 33k for seven months. 

“We expected her to obey the order but she never did. We again approached the court which gave us the order to force the doors open. The court gave us a staff and two policemen. When we forced the doors open, the police were surprised that the apartment was turned into a shrine. 

“We were surprised that a woman could have fetish objects in her apartment. Since then, she has refused to come and collect the items, until I got someone to take me to the House officers. The Deputy Speaker, Hon. Emiola Dare, came here with 12 people to take pictures of the fetish items. “They were shocked to see a legislator converting her residence to a shrine. Since then, I have started renovating the building because the whole compound has been overtaken by weeds.” 

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Photo: Nigeria's First Homemade Motorbike Unveiled

NNEWI, SE NIGERIA - The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has unveiled the first motorcycle produced in Nigeria, designed and manufactured by the National Engineering Design and Development Institute, a subsidiary of NASENI.

The 80C engine motorcycle was launched in Anambra State yesterday. The Agency is now asking the government to ban the importation of motorcycles, promising that with financial assistance, they can produce better motorcyles. 

"About 20 million Nigerians today rely on motorcycles as a means of transport and many unemployed youths and men support their families or earn a living from running motorcycle as a commercial venture. Imagine the large number of jobs that will be created if only Nigeria could close her borders against the importation of motorcycles and allow entrepreneurs to invest in the manufacturing of the parts including production of the motorcycle locally," Said, The Vice Chairman of NASENI, Dr.Mohammed Haruna.

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Photos: Funke Akindele vs Nkem Owoh In Karate Fight

NIGERIA - Who knows Funke Akindele has actions like this? So amazing in her things. And, trust Osuofia, he gentles as can be seen in the above photo. Who no wan live long? Seeing Funke's martial arts displays, Osuofia reverses so he would not be mistakenly hit.

Anyway, the above photo and those below are shots taking on the location of Sherikoko Reloaded. I'm not sure these are scenes from the movie, though. Hence, I can't say they were taken on the movie set. It's just one of those moments when the kings and queens of the tube while away their time on movie location.

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Revealed: Ghanaian Pastor In Gay Sex Scandal

A report on NEWS-ONE says it has gathered that the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) is attempting to cover up ongoing investigations into a sex scandal in which seven young men aged between 20 and about 28 have individually accused one of the church's pastors at the Abokobi branch of engaging in homosexual activities with them.

Each of the young men said Reverend Kingsford Kusi-Kyere of the Abokobi Presbyterian had approached them at separate times and stimulated their penis with his palms and a lubricant until they released sperms.

Surprisingly, some of the pastor's neighbours at Abokobi said they were not surprised about the accusations from the young men and revealed there were several other former male workers of his who had a similar story to tell.

The young men are all former house helps of Rev. Kusi-Kyere and had worked for him at different times. Some of them have never met and do not even know that they all went through the same experience. Yet they seem to be consistent in their accusations against the senior clergy member and in their narration of the alleged penis fondling and masturbation episodes.

Penis Fondling
"He called me into his room and just put his hand in my pants and pulled out my penis and started playing with the tip. Then he put some pomade in his hands and started to stroke my penis upwards and downwards. He was using his right hand to do the stroking and his left hand was on my buttocks.

"I held his hand and respectfully asked him to stop because I was feeling shy. But he asked me to keep quiet. You see, he is an elderly man and a kind person too and he is my boss and a pastor so you can't really be rude to him. I was feeling shy and just watching him. He continued until my sperms came out them he cleaned his hands with a cloth and asked me to go.

"A few days later, he asked me to quit the job. I suspect he was scared I had told somebody. Because I started avoiding him. I was feeling shy that was why I was avoiding him but it was not because I had told somebody. He eventually sacked me from the house," one of the boys narrated.

All the other narrations had a similar pattern. Each of them said although the pastor was married and had children, he loved to caress their penis until they ejaculated.

Pastor Denies
When Rev. Kingsford Kusi-Kyere was called on phone and asked whether he was aware some persons were getting ready to drag him to court over a "certain allegation", he started to deny he ever fondled the young men's penis even before the reporter could tell him the exact allegation in question.

According to the pastor, he treated the young men as his own children when they were staying with and working for him.

He also alleged that some of the boys were "very bad and highly immoral" and that one of them was a "womanizer" who wanted to bonk all the beautiful ladies in the neighbourhood.

Rev. Kusi-Kyere said each of the boys left because of labour related misunderstandings and that they might be making these allegations against him because they were bitter.

Anas Video
Ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has compiled a must-see video on the incident and a secret recording of how the pastor is attempting to handle the development.

Though Anas is keeping the video to his chest for now, NEWS-ONE has seen it and reports said it would soon be aired on two local television networks, the moment the PCG concluded its internal investigations into the allegations.

Meanwhile, NEWS-ONE would put out more shocking revelations in its next edition.

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Photo: Woman Posts Photo Of Self Having Sex With Dog

This photo posted on Instagram by the lady in the picture shows her having sex with her dog. So where is the world heading to? Homosexuality is being condemned despite its growing popularity. Yet, we have humans having sex with animals. So absurd!

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If You Insult Me, I'll Insult You - Eniola Badmus Warns Critics

LAGOS, SW NIGERIA - In what appears to be a throw back at her critics, Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus fondly called Gbogbo Bigs Girls, has said she's very okay with her stature and should be left alone to enjoy the way nature has created her. She said this in an interview with the Leadership newspaper. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

On why she criticised those who made negative comments about her recent photo: I realize that my country people underrate you. Because you are big they make you feel wanted in the society. They feel that when you are big, you should be isolated.

I see it from the two sides. This is life. We can’t all be equal. It’s just like having a dwarf and a tall person. It’s not their fault that they are like that. But then, people tend to underrate just to make you feel somehow or to intimidate you. That’s why I say, I don’t see intimidation. If anyone should come out and say ‘Eniola is big! She is that!’ For goodness sake, I like it like that. I’m okay. Besides, my body shape is giving me money and I’m good. I’m living well. I’m healthy. I’m sure I’m healthier than some slim people. All of us can’t be slim. People should stop this body-shaming pinging. It’s not nice.

Even if you want to advise someone that it’s not nice, there is a way you can say it not by insulting people because you feel you can just write or talk anyhow on social media. No! Anybody that insults me on social media, I will insult back. Yes, because it doesn’t make one feel good. In foreign countries, intimidation causes some people to commit suicide. When you are being intimidated, that’s when depression comes up. After depression, you go and die. Me, die because of what? No oh! This life is too sweet to die, because of words of some people. I’m okay. If anyone doesn’t like me, they should keep a distance.

The people that like me will forever be around me. I remember that I wrote, why use panadol for my headache? Every blog carried it that I said I know my stature is a big problem to some. But it’s the truth. Among all of you that are insulting me that Eniola is too big I’m sure your mum is bigger than me. So why not concentrate on the one you have? I know one of your friends is bigger than me, or one of your sisters. Most of the fat babes, the plus size people who watch me want to emulate me because I’m a celebrity. Whatever she does let’s do it. You get it? I know I’m a role model to some people.

On marriage: Obviously, marriage means union, togetherness of two people. Why is everybody asking me when I’ll get married? I will get married in due time. The due time might be tomorrow. But I’m not a loud person when it comes to things like that. I don’t broadcast things like that. Or is it because I am big so you think I can’t get married? Whoever says that is foul because I have best man in this world right now. So what are you saying? Please I neither want to talk about my man nor disclose his identity.

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Werewolf Sisters Worry About Marriage

INDIA - This story first broke out last year as reported by Sun Newspaper (UK) but the gist is that these three sisters who are based in India say their dreams of getting married is a nightmare and fear they will never find husbands because of their uncontrollable hair growth!

The sisters are suffering from hypertrichosis universalis simply referred to as Werewolf Syndrome; a condition means their bodies are covered in extra hair - giving them extremely bushy eyebrows and beards.

And Savita, 23, Monisha, 18, and 16-year-old Savitri fear they will leave as life-long spinsters.

Savita said: “Marriage is not an option for us. Who is going to marry us when hair keeps growing on our faces?”

The sisters are now using hair removal cream but the hair returns too quickly to maintain.

Savita added: “When I used to go to school the boys and girls would shout ‘hairy face’, ‘horrible looking’, and ‘don’t sit next to her’.”The condition was passed down by the girls’ father with whom Anita was forced into an arranged marriage by her uncle and aunt when she was 12.

She said: “It was only on the day of my marriage that I discovered what my husband was hairy on his face, ears and body. He scared the hell out of me when he arrived at the altar."

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Poly Student Gang-Raped By Cultists, Security Man

ADO-EKITI, SW NIGERIA - Four suspected members of a cult group and a security man at a private polytechnic in Ekiti State have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a student of the institution, the PUNCH reports.

The rape victim (name withheld), who is an ND 1 student of the polytechnic, told PUNCH Metro at the Ekiti State Police Command headquarters in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday that the suspects stormed her room, tied her up and took turn to rape her.

The four suspected rapists are Kunle Aralepo (20), Oluwaseun Akomolafe (23), who are ND II students of Business Administration and Kehinde Adeyemi and Ayo Olomola, who are on the run.

The victims added that one of the boys had asked her out and she refused.

She also accused one of the security men in the polytechnic, Mr. Seyi Adanbioje, of raping her the same day at his residence. The victim said the Chief Security Officer of the school directed Adanbioje to take her to police station to make an official report of the rape case.

She said after leaving the station, the security man took her to his residence and also forcefully had sex with her.

The security man, however, denied raping the female student. He explained that he granted the girl an “asylum” because she said she could not sleep alone in her house.

He said, “She could not sleep alone because she was afraid that those who had earlier raped her might come back again.” The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Victor Babayemi, who paraded the suspects, said police investigation had shown that rape cases had been rampant at the institution.

He said the police were still probing such cases of rape and why they were not reported to the police.
Babayemi said the police would thoroughly investigate the fresh rape incident and allow justice to take its course.

The PPRO said, “A group of four young men namely, Aralepo Kunle, Akomolafe Oluwaseun (both ND II Business Administration students), Kehinde Adeyemi and Ayo Olomola, aka AY Bishop, who was expelled from the school in March for rape went to the house of a female student of the polytechnic, broke her door to gain entry, tied her hands and legs and gang-raped her.

“They also robbed her of her phone and the sum of N5,000.00. A security guard at the polytechnic, Seyi Adanbioje, 28, was also found to be part of the gangsters. He was told to take the girl to the police station and make a report but he took a detour to his house, where he also raped the victim.”

He said medical report confirmed that the victim was raped.

In a similar case, the police said the proprietor of a private primary school, Mr. Ibitoye Babatunde, who was arrested for allegedly raping an 11-year-old pupil of his school, had a case to answer.

Ajibade, who denied the accusation, said a man who saw him while entering into a bush to defecate demanded money from him and he threatened to deal with him if he refused.

He said he refused and the hoodlum raised the alarm which attracted a crowd.

But the PPRO said the medical report confirmed that the girl’s hymen had been broken.

The police also paraded two commercial motocyclists (okada riders), who were accused of raping a young lady.

The PPRO said the suspect – Babatope and Oluwasusi Tope- gave the girl a free ride and took her to another place where she was raped.

In a related development, the police also said that a 17-year-old boy had been arrested for defiling a three-year-old girl.

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Brain Teaser For Our Readers. Let's See Who Gets It...

RANDOM QUIZ - It's time to test our readers' IQ. Let's see who has the answer to this brain teaser. Who knows, you might win a prize from us.

Do you have the answer? Leave it in the comment box below and stand a chance to win a prize from TOOB.

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Tonto Dikeh's Unpardonable Fall At Iyanya London Concert

NIGERIA - But why is she always in the news for wrong reasons? Is she that controversial or what? I've lost count of her recent media hypes. But all are for the wrong reasons. Does she do all these to trend? The one is still very fresh in everyone's memory is her unpardonable fall on the stage of the Iyanya Concert in London which almost had her boobs popping out. 

If Tonto Dikeh was to make a last wish, I guess she would wish her fans to forget her drunk and embarrassing performance at Iyanya's London concert. 

But hell NO! The unpardonable fall is still very fresh in her fans memory and they can't stop dissing her and writing out how disappointed they are in her. 

And, to worsen the situation, she keeps blaming the slippery stage for her fall as if she was the only one on the stage.

Tonto who always finds a way to be on the news really made it big this time.

Below are some comments made by her fans to show their disappointment in her.

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Another Baby Born With Qur'an In Lagos

LAGOS, SW NIGERIA - Residents from various parts of Lagos have been coming to catch a glimpse of a baby allegedly born with a miniature Quran at 9, Oguntade Street, Shasha area of the State. 

According to a PM News report, incidents like these are scientifically impossible, but residents of the area say it is true even though some of them confessed that they did not see the baby clutching the miniature Quran, the holy book of the Muslims. They were only told about it.

It took efforts for P.M.NEWS reporters to gain access into the one-room apartment of the baby’s parents as a result of the crowd that took over the place.

The mother of the baby, Kabirat Lamidi, a 32-year old hairstylist, said right from the conception of the baby, she had been sick.

She said when the baby refused to come out after 11 months, she went for a scan where it was shown that she had an object in the womb with the baby.

The Ede, Osun State indigene who said she had been married for 10 years, said she was shocked to discover that few seconds after the baby was delivered, she pushed out a Quran.

“I have been hearing about such incidents and I have always insulted people thinking it could never happen. I believe it is a gift from Allah,” she said.

She said as a Muslim, she was not even dedicated and did not know how to pray, expressing surprise that such an incident could happen to her.

The mother of three said she had always given birth in the hospital but that on this day, she went into labour so fast that she could not move.

“My advice to people is that they should henceforth watch their mouth. I didn’t believe before now,” she said.

Mrs. Saudat Olawuwo, a staff nurse with the Shasha Medical Centre who assisted with the delivery, said she was called by neighbours when the woman was in labour.

Mrs. Olawuwo with 17 years working experience, said the woman was supposed to put to birth on 16 May, but it did not happen.

“By the time I came the day she was in labour, the baby was already coming out. So I assisted her.

“After that, we were expecting the placenta, but the woman began behaving like one about to run mad. I was so confused.

“The woman was shouting that she wanted to push again and all of a sudden, the Quran, wrapped in nylon and stained with blood jumped out.

“Out of confusion, I ran out and called people who came to see. We also called a Muslim cleric around the area who came and prayed for the baby,” she said.

Father of the baby, Luqman Lamidi, said he was in a drinking bar when he was called and told that his wife had delivered a baby with a Quran.

He said he did not believe until he came and saw the Quran covered with blood.

“I arrived home and saw a lot of crowd and could not even enter. In fact, I am surprised that a drunk like me could produce a child that came into this world with a Quran,” he said, adding that he had become a changed person.

Chief Imam of Oguntade, Shasha, Alhai AbdulRafiu Opeloyeru Oyedokun, said he was the one who tore the nylon from the Quran after he was called to the place.

“When I came, people were still doubting if the object was a Quran or not, so I tore the nylon with blood on it publicly and everyone confirmed it.”

As the yet to be named baby boy lay asleep, P.M.NEWS noticed that each time the Quran is placed on his chest, he consistently lifted his hands up and would not drop the hands until the Quran is taken off.

There was a big controversy in May last year following the alleged birth of a baby boy said to be clutching a miniature Holy Quran at birth.

The baby was born at a white garment church in Mushin, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

While some disputed the claim, others said it was possible. A large crowd gathered at 1, Sonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos home of the boy’s parents as news of the birth spread rapidly.

His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a Cosmetologist, told P.M.NEWS that he was born after she had carried the pregnancy for about 10 months.

“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the nurse said the Quran should be thrown away. But I insisted my mother must see it before any action could be taken,” Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained.

Corroborating the story, Senior Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said during the pregnancy, Kikelomo was always coming to her for prayers and counselling.

“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die in the process. Again, I told her the foetus was sent by God and will be great,” Apostle Mother Dada told our correspondent.

Reacting, Medical Director of Bodet Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Bode Tawak said scientifically, it was not possible for a baby to be born holding a Quran.

“How big is the baby’s hand to hold the Quran? How big is the Quran? How did the Quran get into her mother’s womb? I don’t know how a Quran can get into a womb. But there are things you can’t explain,” Dr. Tawak responded.

He said while the incident cannot be explained medically, in Nigeria many mysterious things happen.

A Kaduna-based medical practitioner, Dr. Munir Yusuf said from a medical point of view, it was not possible, but added that depending on the size of the Quran, it was possible metaphysically.

He explained that if the Quran is small enough to pass through the diameter of the vagina, with the child, it is possible.

In the same vein, a herbal medicine practitioner, Chief Dr. Bola Adegunloye believes nothing is impossible, but said too much importance must not be placed on the incident.

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Man Commits Suicide In Onitsha, Nigeria

ONITSHA, SE NIGERIA - But why did he think this's the right option on his table? Why? 

The lifeless body of a young man (pictured above) was spotted hanging on a tree along 33 Road in the city of Onitsha, Anambra State, southeast Nigeria. 

Among items found at the suicide site were photos of himself and family members and an identification card among other documents.

However, he did not leave any note to tell his relations the reason for his action.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Nollywood Actor In Wife Battery Allegation

LAGOS, SW NIGERIA - Nollywood and scandals! No doubt Gbenga Oyeyiga is a household name in Nollywood movies production. He is an accomplished actor and producer. What baffles one is the story making the rounds that Gbanga's marriage to his banker-wife, Ololade, has crashed. Reason for the crash?

We heard that their marriage crashed after Ololade accused Gbenga of infidelity. Yes! infidelity. According to a close friend of Ololade, trouble started in their home late last year when Ololade accused Gbenga of having an affair with a young lady who goes by the name Kemi. The actor had brought Kemi into his matrimonial home under the guise that she's a relation.

We gathered that it took Kemi to live with the couple for almost a year before Ololalde could find out that she (Kemi) was really having an affair with Gbenga. And, when confronted, Gbenga beat the hell out of Ololade and threatened to throw her out of the matrimony.

Ololade could have been thrown out as threatened but the intervention of relations from both sides. However, on a particular Sunday, we heard that Gbenga was heavily drunk when he returned home. As a caring and loving wife, Ololade inquired why he was so drunk. Rather than answer her, Gbenga was said to have alleged that his wife, Ololade, was having an affair with Epsalum, a popular Yoruba movies maketer.

While attempting to prove her innocence on the allegation, we heard Gbenga descended heavily on her and turned her to a punching bag. For this, Ololade spent about three weeks in the hospital receiving treatments.

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Lagos Former Deputy Gov. Wanted Over $840K Land Scam

LAGOS, SW NIGERIA - The Nigeria Police Special Fraud Unit has declared Alhaja Sinatu Aderoju Ojikutu wanted over a N130 million (about $840,000) land sale fraud.

Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu is a former Deputy Governor of Lagos State during the reign of General Sani Abacha.

A statement titled Obtaining N130 Million By False Representation  listed the suspects as Alhaja Sinatu Aderoju Ojikutu ‘F’ and Mr. Samson Adebisi Ojikutu Jnr ‘M’.

Mrs Ngozi Isintume-Agu, DSP, spokesperson of the unit said in a statement that Sinatu was wanted along with her son, Samson Ojikutu, who is now in the United States of America.

“We are investigating a case of obtaining the sum of N130 million by false representation perpetrated by one Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu and her son Mr Samson Ojikutu.

Upon a petition from the DIG ‘D’ Department to the Commissioner of Police SFU, the petitioner alleged that in September, 2011, the suspects conspired and sold a parcel of land at Plot 24, Block 4, situated at Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos for the sum of N130 million.

“The petitioner claimed he paid the said amount into the former deputy governor’s account with the Union Bank in tranches. He further stated that after payment, he requested for title document.

“Alhaja Ojikutu procured an affidavit of support to back her fraudulent claim, a police crime extract and a publication in the Vanguard Newspaper of 18th October 2011, all purporting to evidence loss of the original documents of title to the land.

“The petitioner believed her because of her personality as a former deputy governor of Lagos State.

“The bubble busted when the complainant commenced development on the land and was on the verge of completion when the real owner of the land surfaced.

“It was discovered that the land the suspect sold does not belong to her. She actually sold Plot 23, Block 4, while Plot 24, Block 4, already has a property on it. Investigation revealed that the land she sold belong to one Mr Afolabi.
“It was also discovered that Plot 24, Block 4, which actually belonged to late Samson Adebisi Ojikutu Snr., the suspect’s husband, who died in 2008, was sold by him in 1995, and the suspect was a life witness and appended her signature to the sale of the land.
“The suspect further perpetrated the crime by alleging that the original C of O to the property was missing and swore an affidavit which enabled her obtain a Police Report and Memorandum of Loss.
“She also put up an advert in newspapers that the original C of O was lost, whereas the original C of O was with the Hallmark Homes, the buyer of the property, “ Isintumen-Agu said.
“The suspect and her son were parties to the sale of the land and both signed the agreement given to the complainant and obtained the sum of N130 million from him.
“She admitted the crime but confessed that it was a genuine mistake of plot identification. She refunded the sum of N50 million to the complainant and promised to refund the balance as soon as she disposed her two properties she put up for sale.
“She also confessed that she had injected the complainant’s money in her business. She equally made an undertaking for payment plan drawn between September, 2012 and November 2012, but defaulted due to lack of fund, “ the spokesperson said.
Isintumen-Agu said that the suspect was not ready to pay the balance of the money, adding that she had jumped police bail and had been elusive.

She said that the unit was putting in frantic efforts for the re-arrest of the former deputy governor, calling those with useful information about her to report to the Commissioner of Police, SFU.

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Varsity Student Gives Birth, Attempts To Flush Baby In Toilet

ILE-IFE, SW NIGERIA - A scoop from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State southwest Nigeria indicates that a female student of the university whose name was simply given as Oying gave birth to a baby boy in one of the toilets of the Moremi Hall (a female hostel) and attempted to flush the baby down the sewer. She was, however, caught by the Hall janitors/cleaners.

According to an eyewitness, a janitor who was to clean the toilet facility heard the cry of baby from inside the toilet and noticed blood coming from under the toilet door. She quickly ran back to alert her colleagues who came along with the Hall porters to force the door open.

On opening the door, Oyin was seen pouring water into the closet with the baby's head turned upside down in the closet. A mother among the women was reported to have dipped her hand inside and removed the baby who was bleeding from the nose but still very much alive at the time.

The student-mother (Oyin) and her baby were rushed to the university's Teaching Hospital for proper medicare.

Oyin is a 400L Electrical and Electronics Engineering student of the university.

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